Barco designated preferred visualisation partner for d’strict ARTE MUSEUM’s global expansion

d’strict, the Korean design company that creates innovative spatial experiences and immersive digital media installations, has appointed Barco as its preferred visualisation partner.

The framework agreement designates Barco as the sole supplier of all the projectors for d’strict’s upcoming international digital art museum projects in the next four years.

With this major business partnership, Barco and d’strict confirm their joint mission to deploy stunning multi-media experiences by combining imaginative art and innovative technology.

d’strict is a global design company that creates end-user immersive experiences by integrating both content and digital media technology.

It’s the company that created the famous ARTE MUSEUMs in Jeju, Yeosu and Gangneung characterized by their colorful media art exhibitions with impactful visuals, sensuous sounds, and elegant fragrances for a truly immersive experience.

In 2021, the Korean company relied on Barco’s projection technology for the first time to enable the immersive multimedia experiences in Yeosu and Gangneung.

Today the companies are announcing a continuation of their successful collaboration to support d’strict’s international ambition of expanding the successful ARTE MUSEUM digital experiences to various sites across the world in the next four years.

The agreement states Barco as the sole projection technology partner for existing and future projects on both sides of the Pacific.

The deal, with a total value projected to exceed 15 million euros, includes a hardware delivery of UDM and G-series DLP projectors, access to Barco’s Insights Management Suite for global fleet management and a tailored high-standard service offering which is streamlined for all geographies.

“After the first two installations, we’ve built a strong and trusted relationship with Barco,” says Sean Lee, CEO d’strict. “They bring superior and innovative technology, service reliability and fleet connectivity. Three important elements in our global expansion journey! This agreement gives us the guarantee that when extending our ARTE MUSEUM footprint globally, we can always give our visitors the same breathtaking experience – wherever whenever.”

“It’s a true honour to be part of d’strict’s international mission!” concludes Ta Loong Gan, Global Sales VP, Immersive Experience at Barco. “The size of the hardware agreement and the global nature of the service contract, makes this one of the largest agreements ever for this market in the Barco history. An important win in line with our ambition to keep on enabling immersive experiences all around the world.”