Ayrton Eurus lights up the Netherlands’ Tivoli Vredenburgdraft

Photograph credit to Tim van Etten.

The Tivoli music venue at Vredenburg recently installed 64 Ayrton Eurus S Profiles within two of its halls – Ronda and De Grote Zaal – via Ayrton’s distributor in The Netherlands, Ampco Flashlight Sales.

Ronda and De Grote Zaal both seat 2000 and host a wide range of performances, with Ronda being the more intimate space of the two. The venue knew that it needed to install units that worked with the venue’s versatility.

The team at Tivoli was looking to update its ageing lighting system. Jolijn Van Iersel, Lighting Technician for the venue, stated: “It had to be up to date with LED technology, have shutter blades, and be future-proof with, for example, an Ethercon port. Our preference was for a white LED source with CMY and, most importantly, the ability to be very quiet.”

After testing the Ayrton fixture, Van Iersel commented: “Eurus immediately grabbed our attention. Amongst all its features, we looked specifically into the colour mixing and CRI, the diversity of the gobos, and the working of the blades. And most importantly, we checked the output in Silent Mode and tested for fixture/fan sound in that setting.”

The Eurus fixtures are rigged in each venue for use as stage lights, front lights and floor packages, handling the diversity of use across two very different performance spaces with ease.

“The throw distance in both venues is about 25m, but in De Grote Zaal you hit the crowd quicker because of the arena setup. And for the classical performances in De Grote Zaal, in super silent mode, there is still plenty of light output to illuminate everything nicely,” Van Iersel confirmed.

He further went on to commend the fixtures: “Everybody is pleasantly surprised by the physical weight of the light. They like the colour mixing, the variable CTO wheel and the variety of the gobos.”

Van Iersel concluded: “Our new Ayrton Eurus S are a relief for our technicians. Ayrton provided us with in-depth maintenance instructions for quick troubleshooting if necessary, and we are delighted with the service we received from Ampco Flashlight Sales as our lighting supplier. The communication has always been straightforward and accessible, which is key for us as a solid base for working together.”