Australia’s Leading Entertainment Complex Major Lighting Upgrade

The Star Event Centre, in Sydney, has taken delivery of some extra special lighting, just in time for the busy summer period. An MA Lighting International, MA2 full size, 12 Clay Paky Sharpy Wash PC, six Martin Professional MAC Viper Performers and six MAC Viper Profiles have given the venue new possibilities.

The venue already housed an MA ultra-light console, which was initially specified for low grade events, with the belief that larger scale concerts would come with their own console.

“We soon realised that most of the work we were doing was of a high grade and we were constantly hiring in an MA full size,” commented Bruce Dwyer, Head of Lighting. “It made sense to purchase our own especially as the MA is the most popular console on the touring circuit. Plus our network infrastructure is all MA so it made sense.” Bruce and all of his operators love their new MA2 full size which frees them from the limitations of the MA ultra-light.

“The MA ultra-light was fine for small shows but once you need to organise a large amount of elements to be activated at various times, it gets very difficult when you don’t have those buttons. I like that it’s all contained and you don’t need to have outboard monitors, plus you have triggers for everything that you need and all the parametres that you need.” Bruce said.

On choosing Martin MAC Vipers, Bruce remarked that he believes them to be the most stable, state of the art option on the market.

“I’ve worked with Martin products before and they are very reliable,” he said. “The build quality on the Vipers is extraordinary and their light source is beautiful. Finally I have an output level that matches my room. The gobos are good which means I can produce some really nice looks and they are reliable day in and day out.” Bruce commented that he particularly likes the Sharpy Wash PC’s capacity to colour mix which allows him to transition from one look to another nice and gently.

Show Technology’s, Michael Gearin added “It was important to provide the correct lighting solutions that will assist the team with major productions and events moving forward but importantly, allow them to create multiply lighting designs that will excite future new clients to the venue”.