Audiologic Supplies Elite AV Gym

By paying careful attention to every aspect of its offer, Fitness4Less ensures that its patrons feel comfortable, enjoy their workout and of course, keep coming back. Audio is no longer an afterthought in the development of a modern gym.

Clear audio for announcements is essential and music is now an essential part of contemporary exercise programmes as well as providing a soundscape in keeping with the desired ‘feel’ of the space. When Fitness4Less recently moved into a space in Worcester’s Cathedral Square development, the operator was keen to source a competitively priced high-quality audio solution for the 13,000 sq ft unit. Fitness4Less engaged integrators Elite AV to install a reliable, competitively priced audio system with good coverage, that could be easily operated by its team members.

Elite AV, in turn, consulted with Audiologic over the most appropriate way forward within the gym’s budget. Audiologic recommended a combination of brands to cater for the gym’s requirements. A system comprising Ecler IC6 ceiling speakers, Ecler Audeo 106, 6-inch and Ecler Audeo 108 8-inch speakers, driven by Ecler and Apart Audio amplification was completed with the addition of 2 x wall-mounted CLOUD CS-SUB8 subs (in a separate studio).

A Cloud DCM1e digital mixer, PM12 Paging Microphone and a Shure BLX Wireless Microphone System completed the overall picture. The system delivers crisp, high-quality audio throughout the gym, allowing announcements and music reinforcement to be zoned and was a very straightforward installation for Elite AV.

The gym’s management and owners are very happy with the system, something reinforced by the fact that Elite AV have been appointed to fit another Ecler system during the refurbishment of the Fitness4Less gym at Bethnal Green.

Neil Manwaring, Sales Director at Elite AV commented: “This was the ideal solution for the Fitness4Less gym. The system delivers excellent all-round audio quality and coverage at a very competitive price. Operation is intuitive and all the components including the Shure wireless system are rugged enough to withstand daily use in a busy environment.

“Audiologic helped us to determine the best way forward by recommending best-fit products at the right price points for the client. Fitness4Less are very happy – this was our first installation for them and it has led directly to a similar job at another of their sites.”

Andy Lewis, Sales and Marketing Director at Audiologic added: “It’s very important to Audiologic that our customers can deliver solutions to their clients that match their exact requirements as effectively and competitively as possible. Budgetary constraints can often be a deal breaker in situations such as this and at Audiologic, our wide portfolio allows us to recommend products that will meet a brief without unnecessary over-provisioning. The Ecler and Cloud products chosen at Fitness4Less deliver excellent audio throughout, were easy to install and were well within budget. Elite’s invitation to install another system for Fitness4Less clearly supports this ‘best-fit’ approach.”