Astro Spatial Audio Appoints Sound Solution in Korea

Astro Spatial Audio (ASA) is proud to announce the appointment of Sound Solution as its exclusive representative in South Korea. The agreement, recently finalised at the Koba Exhibition in Seoul, will see Sound Solution bring the full range of ASA’s true object-based immersive technologies to the Korean market for the first time, including the power and adaptability of the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine.

Headquartered in Seoul, Sound Solution is a leading provider of professional solutions, representing a broad range of prestige brands. Now added to that portfolio is the SARA II Premium Rendering Engine, bringing robust and scalable, easy to operate object-based immersive audio plus adaptive room acoustics to the Korean live entertainment sector. With the agreement in place, Sound Solution is intending to host special demonstrations for its customers, including at the forthcoming KOSOUND exhibition in Seoul. Each demonstration will allow attendees to experience what it calls “Ground-breaking audio technology with intuitive control and customisable solutions to suit every requirement”.

“We are very pleased to partner with Astro Spatial Audio, and we are looking forward to the KOSOUND show, when we will showcase a full demonstration of how ASA technology can be integrated with our other partner brands,” commented Sound Solution President Lee Hong. “It is incredible to experience real object based audio with the Astro Spatial Audio system, and to then realise how easy it is to operate;  to have all of that processing power literally at your fingertips. The introduction of this system is a milestone that represents a new era in audio and we are ready to bring it to customers with the excellence in technical understanding and service for which we are known.”

“We are extremely excited to be working with such a highly respected and professional partner,” said Astro Spatial Audio Director Bjorn Van Munster. “Sound Solution is renowned not just for the wonderful brands they represent, but also for the expertise of everyone who works for the company, and the care and respect with which all Sound Solution customers are treated. With their efforts, I believe that Astro Spatial Audio has a very bright future in South Korea.”