Astera is a Match for the Titans

Photos courtesy of ULA Group

Titan Fitness is an independently owned fitness studio in Coogee, a coastal suburb of NSW, Australia, that prides itself on being a unique experience with a dedicated team of instructors and experts plus state-of-the-art facilities focussed on offering the highest standards of equipment and inspiration to its members.

Multiple platforms are available to educate, inspire and assist members to recognise their “inherent beauty, genius and self-worth,” making it much more of a lifestyle journey than a pure exercise mission.

The sought-after fully-equipped 4-floor facility has been open since 2009, and its Spin Studio has recently seen the installation of 24 x Astera AX1 Pixel Tubes in a ground-breaking new LED lighting installation.

These were supplied to installers Aeromic by Astera’s Australian distributor, ULA Group.

Aeromic has been supplying and manufacturing audio and AV products to the fitness and professional health industries since 1994, and Titan Fitness has been a client for some time, explained Andrew Zarounas, Aeromic’s director and co-owner.

He and Titan Fitness CEO Mets Analin share a passion for the industry and a flair for being innovative, different and pushing the envelope.

Mets approached Andrew about the potential lighting installation, wanting to ensure that Titan Fitness stays at the forefront of the game. “Any gym can have the same equipment and classes, but not everyone has the same focus on ensuring that every customer’s experience and interaction is the best and most positive possible,” he stated.

He and Andrew have both noticed lighting playing more of a role in fitness spaces with some of the progressive overseas operators, and they recognise the positive benefits that lighting, colours, etc., can have on moods and an environment.

Mets specifically wanted lighting in the Spin Room where he thought it would be invigorating and energising to have different lighting states, colours and sequences available to the instructors as they developed their classes.

Andrew compiled a plan of what he thought would work well and look good utilising the AX1s, then he and Thor Andre, ULA’s technical sales & support specialist, got together and finalised the design.

Two Pixel Tubes are mounted vertically in each corner of the room, with four rows of four tubes rigged in the ceiling above all the spin machines.

All the tubes are controlled via an ART7 AsteraBox CRMX interface and an iPad running the Astera App.

Andrew selected the Pixel Tubes after conversations with Mets, and because “they create great lighting effects without needing complex DMX programming!”

In the world of fitness, simplicity is essential, and the AX1s allow a large variety of lighting sequences to be accessed at the touch of a button, which was a key factor in the decision.

He’d first seen the AX1s and other Astera products at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas and was delighted when The ULA Group was appointed as a distributor earlier in the year.

He underlines the importance of the relationship with the distributor.

Thor visited the site several times to get the installation just so and to answer all the questions that arose during the process. “Without that fundamental relationship, I may have chosen different products,” stated Andrew.

In fact, he and Mets were so impressed with the Asteras after the first onsite demo, that they placed the order the same day!

The combination of the quality of the product, the fact that it is IP65 rated – spin studios have a high humidity – and the App control were the main three features clinching the decision.

The installation also needed to be easily operable by fitness trainers and managers and other non-technical staff, and the App-based control is a big hit with the instructors.

“The Astera App is a perfect solution,” enthused Thor. “Coupled with the sound-to-light functionality, it works beautifully and doesn’t put people off exploring the many possibilities.”

A range of different sequences specifically for Titan Fitness have been programmed including walk-in, warm-up, cool down and high energy states which can be activated, changed and controlled at the tap of a button in the app.

Some of the sequences are sound-to-light triggered. The Astera ART7 interface box listens for 32 discrete frequencies in the music, so when sound-to-light is applied it produces a very dynamic effect.

Everyone is delighted with the results. “Music and lighting are extremely important in our setup – it really does enhance the workout for our members and instructors,” commented Mets, who added that they have seen an increase in class numbers since the lighting was installed.

Thor sees great potential for this style of lighting system: “It is all about making it fun and interesting for those working out, and professionals at the cutting edge of the commercial fitness industry like Mets recognize that.”

In conclusion, he highlighted how the whole ethos of a fitness centre has shifted from somewhere people dragged themselves to almost for penance to an active lifestyle choice and a social hub where individuals can get motivated by other members and staff.

“Titan Fitness is trailblazing with this Astera investment, all helping to make this an even more exciting and fresh environment.”