ARX Introduce its Exclusive South African Distributor

ARX has announced the appointment of Octave Distribution as their new exclusive distributor in South Africa.

Colin Park, ARX’s Managing Director stated the following: “Octave Distribution is Nigel Booyse’s new distribution venture, who was employed at Matrix Sound, ARX’s previous distributor. Matrix have recently stepped back from product distribution to focus on their Rental and Production business.

“Nigel has been involved in the Pro Audio market for the past 15 years, and with his experience and knowledge in the industry he decided to form Octave Distribution to provide a seamless transition of product supply and support for the brands distributed by Matrix.

“Here at ARX, we’re looking forward to working with Nigel and his team, they’re very enthusiastic about further developing the Southern African market for the growing ARX digital and analogue product range.”

Along with ARX Octave Distribution’s product portfolio includes Dynacord and the Eurocable range of brands.