Antycip Simulation Expands with Double Appointment

Antycip Simulation, a virtual reality and 3D immersive solutions integrator and the European leader for simulation software, announced the appointment of Audrey Zarlenga as Digital Marketing Manager and Thibaut Hébrard as Display Systems Design Engineer. This further expands its burgeoning team as it grows in line with interest in bespoke virtual reality solutions and their applications.

Joining the company in September, Audrey is primarily based at Antycip’s Adderbury, Oxfordshire offices in the UK, but will travel frequently to its French and Italian bases as the role will see her help facilitate the implementation of the wider marketing strategy across all three key markets. She is responsible for devising a strong digital strategy to support Antycip in increasing its reach – including re-designing the website to showcase the breadth of what Antycip can offer, creating strong and impactful content for its social media accounts and communicating to customers on a regular basis via email campaigns and newsletters. Prior to Antycip, Audrey gathered experience working as a freelance website designer and social media strategist for clients in a variety of sectors. She also holds a Masters in Brand Management and Digital Marketing from ISCOM in Lyon, France.

Frank Reynolds, European marketing manager with Antycip to whom Audrey reports, remarked: “We have big plans to grow existing markets and expand into new ones, and having a dedicated digital marketing specialist on board is integral to our success. With two decades of mil-sim market experience under our belts, we have already expanded into other sectors such as universities, automotive and space. Our industry-leading innovation means there are no limits to the application of our bespoke virtual reality solutions – and a strong digital presence is key as we look to offer our pro-audiovisual, high end collaborative VR and professional grade projection solutions more broadly all over the world.

“I have no doubt that Audrey’s impressive experience and credentials in the digital domain, coupled with her passion and enthusiasm for our business and industry, are a recipe for success. With her appointment to the team, we look forward to elevating the support we provide to existing and future customers with added value activities and expert information that will take their projects to the next level.”

On her appointment, Audrey commented: “I’m thrilled to work for such a fast-growing company with innovation at the heart of everything it does. Antycip has so much to offer in the virtual reality space which makes this a really exciting opportunity for me as a visual communicator. I’m looking forward to bringing what Antycip does to life online, showcasing its leadership position in creating truly bespoke solutions and further engaging and inspiring customers around what virtual reality can do for them.”

Meanwhile, Thibaut Hebrard took up the role of Display Systems Design Engineer in August, also based out of Antycip’s Adderbury HQ – joining the virtual reality and display team to lead the mechanical design phase on customer projects. His remit includes the design of mechanical and optical solutions using industry 3D tools for virtual reality and immersive display systems; the development of innovative and engineering-led designs to support the virtual and display products into varied customer locations and leading the design phase of projects end to end.

Thibaut recently completed a five year Masters degree programme in engineering at ECAM in Lyon, France, undertaking a series of industry placements during the course of his studies which provided excellent grounding for this role. He said: “I’m delighted to join such an experienced and challenging technical team at Antycip as it allows me to work at the cutting-edge of the latest technologies in virtual reality and simulation. Working across such a wide range of industries – from defence to health, academia to automotive – brings with it new technical challenges, and I can’t wait to apply my mechanical and design background in order to create the bespoke solutions to match each individual customer’s requirements, providing support throughout the design phases.”

John Burgess, senior systems engineer leads the virtual reality and display team at Antycip, and added: “Thibaut is a valuable addition to our growing team as we continue to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with virtual reality. With his mechanical and design background and energetic approach, we are thrilled to have him on board to bring a new set of innovative ideas and custom designs to the table – helping to unpick the most complex of projects in order to deliver solutions that not only meet, but exceed the customer’s requirements.”