Analog Way’s NeXtage 16 Brings Flexibility to Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) located in Glasgow, Scotland, provides a wide range of conference, exhibition and concert facilities. Recently, the SECC chose to upgrade the most commonly used venue, the Lomond Auditorium, that mainly hosts medical and corporate conferences. The auditorium has been upgraded with Analog Way’s NeXtage 16, a powerful seamless presentation mixer with soft edge blending capabilities. The NeXtage 16 serves for the 12x4m projection screen fed by four x Christie 8K projectors.

Tony Edwards, Technical Manager at the SECC explained the upgrade: “The plan was to give clients lots of flexibility. We want our clients to have unfettered access to all aspects of the boardroom, including all audiovisual tools. It is also a means of being ahead of competition in terms of what we provide as audiovisual. We compete with several other conference centres so we have to provide a better facility than the others.”

In terms of application, the NeXtage 16 is used to do soft edge blending projections and to create PIPs. Controlled through the Web RCS, Analog Way’s user-friendly graphic interface, the NeXtage 16 is operated by external technicians. Tony
explained:: “We wanted something easy for technicians to make live changes such as the top player, the background and so on. The NeXtage 16 allows these changes to be made while the conference is occurring and enables us to make these adjustments without the audience even knowing it. It’s very difficult to do that with other products. It also provides better processing in terms of image quality and numbers of layers.”