Analog Way’s Aquilon RS2 Drives Videowalls at Walmart’s JIA 2020 Event in Mexico

A&V Soluciones Audiovisuales Mexico used Analog Way’s Aquilon RS2 4K/8K multi-screen presentation system and videowall processor to drive all the video on stage at Walmart’s JIA 2020 event held by Walmart Mexico and Central America. Analog Way’s Ascender 16 multi-output 4K seamless switcher and Shot Box² controllers were also employed to support the event presented by the company’s Annual Start Board.

Participating in JIA 2020 were large suppliers, manufacturers and distributors, who showed their products, food lines and latest innovations to boost commercial activity in the region. Walmart Mexico and Central America is Walmart’s largest division outside the US; it consists of 2,571 retail outlets.

Some 1,400 people attended JIA 2020. A&V Soluciones designed a stage with Absen pitch 2 LED videowalls consisting of a central screen measuring 80 square meters (5836 x 1830 pixels) and side walls of 60 square meters to display presentations and videos.

“Analog Way is a brand with which we have been working for several years, and we fully trust their teams. We have had almost their entire range of switchers, and they have always been very robust in their performance. Plus we have always received helpful technical support,” said Antonio Garcia, CEO of A&V Soluciones Audiovisuales Mexico.

“Due to the size of this project I appreciated Aquilon RS2’s configuration and control of the videowalls. Its 12 outputs allowed us to handle the transitions and contents of all the screens, so we could handle the keynote, PowerPoint presentations and 4K video playback in a very fluid way with the possibility of making changes live,” Antonio explained. “The Aquilon’s interface is very friendly and allowed us to display all the information that the user required for the event, delivering impressive presentations with smooth and spectacular transitions.”

The Aquilon RS2’s 16 inputs and 12 outputs came in handy for controlling everything that happened on stage. The center videowall required four outputs and the two side videowalls two outputs each. Additional outputs were needed for support monitors in front of the speakers, for recording content and camera feeds and for delivering content to the VIP room that hosted the speakers.

The Shot Box² enabled the users to have complete control of presets. The Ascender 16 system allowed video content to be sent to screens in the corridor leading to the main hall.

“A single Aquilon system gave us the number of outputs we needed for a project of this size plus the ability to connect to any device: Macs, PCs, video servers, cameras,” said Antonio. “In addition, Aquilon has a friendly interface and practically zero latency. Also, we had the confidence of using an Analog Way system. Our video department was confident of the robustness of the equipment and conveyed this to the client.”

Antonio reported that JIA 2020 was “a success” that “managed to exceed the expectations of the user and the audience.” He gives kudos to Analog Way for “all the support the company has provided to us over all these years.”