Analog Way Lights Up Hewlett Packard Enterprise Congress

Hewlett Packard Enterprise gathered together its partners and distributors for the HPE Congress Partners Seminar in Łódź, Poland. Polymus Agency, in charge of organising the event, entrusted the audiovisual design of the venue to Pro4Media, a prominent service provider for AV technology.

To create dazzling brightness at the entrance of the venue, the agency opted for an LED tunnel in the corridor leading to the main hall. In the conference room, Hewlett Packard Enterprise expected great visual effects through large and impressive screens.

To meet its client’s requirements, Pro4Media set a large 6K x 2K LED wall along with sliding LED doors to welcome guests on stage.

To reach the 6K resolution required for the content provided by HP, Pro4Media combined various types of sources in 2K and 4K to deliver a 6K background. According to Marek Wasilewski, owner of Pro4Media, “We needed many inputs to route all signals, and so we opted for two linked Ascender 48 – 4K – PL and a Di-VentiX II. Both Ascender 48 – 4K – PL were the topmost ad-hoc solution through the 12 + 12 inputs, including SDI, VGA, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc”.

The configuration of the background was simple. It was composed by a native background and two inlayed PIPs: a 4K PIP that displayed the presentation was on the left side of the wall and another PIP that displayed live images from the camera was on the right side of the wall.

The screens were fed by two parallel, 6-output Watchout flows, which is a multi-display software that creates synchronised high-resolution flow in order to constitute two native background sets, in this case, twelve DVI inputs. Cameras were also used as sources to Ascender 48 – 4K – PL which routed portrait mode PIPs to the LED wall. Along with that, two Mac Pros, three MacBook Pros and a PC were used to display PowerPoint presentations, keynotes and films.

In order to fit the video PIP to the LED size, the Di-VentiX II scaled the pictures that were displayed at the entrance in the LED tunnel using a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro.

Presets were managed by the Web RCS which enables a clear overview of the configuration. A Shot Box was also used to easily switch presets.

Another reason why Pro4Media chose Analog Way solutions is the flexibility of the systems. Many live images were necessary during presentations, and Pro4Media needed an adaptive system to instantly change the background for every new speech. Marek Wasilewski adds, “Above all, flexibility must go with ultra-low latency. That’s something Analog Way understands very well”.

He concludes, “This meeting was a challenge. It was five days of constant operation. We needed reliability and stability from the devices. A system breakdown was unthinkable”.