Amptown System Company Expands Team

Mauricio Salas Zurita - Amptown System Company Sales

Amptown System Company has expanded its growing sales team with the addition of Mauricio Salas Zurita.

“There’s nothing I haven’t seen or worked out yet in the course of my career as an A/V expert”, said Mauricio Salas Zurita. “I’m inquisitive, a passionate technology user, enjoy using efficient functional hardware and software in my designs and love to present to my customers elegant and innovative ideas based on our A/V, lighting, and sound equipment resources. Working for ASC provides me with the opportunity to use synergies from my career to date to add fresh impetus to ASC’s various lines of business and to develop and implement exciting integration solutions. For the ingenuity of the solution will not be appreciated by customers and audiences unless the system appears to be straightforward and manageable.”

Before Mauricio Salas joined ASC, his career had involved all steps relevant to his current work: starting as a technical service provider and sound editor he became an acknowledged planner for audio-visual media equipment, a conceptual designer, project manager, and consultant. While for a period of three years he was operating his own business as an independent A/V consultant, he was also involved in providing the multifunction room of the Potsdam Museum Barberini with the appropriate media equipment along with ASC. From 2007 to 2015 Mauricio Salas worked for

“I’m very glad that Mauricio has agreed to work as a permanent member of staff for ASC now”, stated Christoph Wegner, ASC Sales Manager.

“As a proven all-rounder in the media equipment domain he is familiar with the requirements of public and private customers and has been showing high project management competence. Owing to his international experience and his contacts Mauricio will inspire our sales team and help me to enhance the ASC distribution profile.”

He concluded: “While working together on various projects we found that not only the chemistry is right, but that we also think along similar lines where integration and engineering are concerned. I like the way Mauricio uses to approach an assignment with an expert’s mind and attitude, and I appreciate his extraordinary talent to make the technical equipment blend with the respective architectural environment naturally in a very aesthetic fashion. With pros like Maurico ASC is sure to take another step forward in the field of media equipment integration, both on a national and an international scale.”