Altinex Debuts HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System

Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions is pleased to introduce the HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System. With support for 12 inputs, 48 outputs and 4 audio zones right out of the box. The HM200-100 provides all the necessary infrastructure to implement a large-scale sports bar AV system making it far easier for integrators to ensure they have all the various components necessary for deployment in utilising the latest technology developed by Altinex. The company’s MultiTasker technology assures easy Rackmount installation and intuitive control capabilities while Altinex’s Home run technology provides seamless distribution of video signals through a low cost CAT6A network cable.

The Altinex HM200-100 provides 12 video inputs for satellite receivers and 48 video outputs for displays, along with 4 audio outputs that can be routed to any zone. The system can be expanded to 20 inputs, 120 outputs and 8 zones with each video output extendable to 100 metres (328 ft.). All connections to displays use a low cost CAT6A cable which greatly simplifies installation as well as utilising IP and HDMI video receivers that are connected to each display. Measuring only 1 x 3 x 5 inches, the receivers are lightweight and can be easily hidden behind the display or in the plenum space above the display.

The HM200-100 comes fully configured with all inputs and outputs pre-defined whilst all of the IP addresses are assigned to work seamlessly with 1GBaseT and 10GBaseT routers, optionally including a 48-port router that is expandable to 64 and 96 ports. In addition to a hardwired router, a wireless access point can be setup to control the system through a web interface. With the optionally available subscription, a complete Sports Bar system can be controlled from anywhere in the world.

Of particular note, the HM200-100’s system configuration is quick and easy thanks to the inclusion of a touch screen controller that can be used stand-alone or mounted in an equipment rack. The controller provides easy configuration and enables one to use any handheld device to control the system through the web interface.

Jack Gershfeld, President of Altinex, commented on the company’s HM200-100 Sports Bar Video Distribution System, “We routinely receive inquiries about the various components necessary to implement a sophisticated sports bar video distribution system. With the introduction of the HM200-100 we have effectively created an all-in-one solution to this type of inquiry, one that is ready to work right out of the box providing automatic configuration that is expandable. Equally important, the system includes a smart I/O interface that monitors all ports and sends alerts if any input signals are lost or if displays are not receiving a video signal. The fully automated system can be configured to send an e-mail to a designated person if it detects any issues. Predictive analysis warns when the system requires maintenance to avoid difficulties during the business’ prime hours of operation. In a nutshell, the HM200-100 provides everything required to implement a world-class sports bar video system.”