Along came two Spiiders at Acts Church

The Acts Christian Church in Midrand has invested in two Robe Spiiders to work alongside their current Robe lighting rig.

When it comes to mission work, Acts Church reaches out to people with Acts of Love, whether it’s providing toilets to a needy community, setting up a library, giving food to the homeless or preparing gifts for senior citizens and children over the Christmas period.

With a North and South Campus to accommodate the increasing congregation which is now just short of 6,000 people, the church has five Sunday services (three at North campus and two at South Campus with an additional evening service held at the North Campus once a month) and hosts various events from children’s productions to conferences that cover topics such as Business Excellence, Bible studies or fasting periods. The auditorium has also doubled up as a venue to assist other churches in the area when needed.

It’s this passion to make a difference to the lives of others that has made coming to work each day all the more worthwhile for Jason Sampson, who has been with Acts Church for two years and who is responsible for the Visual Media and live streaming of services and events hosted in the church. “I believe in the vision,” said Jason. “It’s a healthy church as we teach what I believe is true.”

Jason and his team run the lighting department. “A couple of years ago we invested in two Robe Pointes which have worked really well and which we often use to light the roof or as spots,” he explained. “We have 8 x Robin LEDBeam 100, 4 x Robin 600 LEDWash and also new to our rig are six Robin LEDBeam 150s.” The LEDBeam 150 has fast sweeping beams and a wide far-reaching quality wash and have proved to be useful little fixtures.

The new Robe Spiiders have added atmosphere to the auditorium. “We had a lot of dark spots which have been filled nicely with the Spiiders,” said Jason. “The Spiiders were also used on a recent production by our children’s church.”

The lighting system is controlled by an MA Lighting dot2 console. “The dot2 is very user friendly and it’s not difficult to set up cues. I am able to assign faders for effects and it’s very direct when selecting colour.” Due to the ease of use, Jason is able to provide training and share his knowledge with other operators at the church.

For many years the Acts Church has had the vision to be a church for the city, to care, connect and grow. “Because the church is not about money but is rather a giving church that wants to invest into people’s lives, there has been a lot of growth,” ended Jason.