Allen & Heath dLive Systems Bridge the Gap at Regent University

Bringing a new level of audio control to FOH and broadcast events at both the Regent University Communication and Performing Arts Center and Regent University Chapel, a pair of Allen & Heath dLive mixing systems effectively bridge the two spaces with network interconnectivity flexible enough to support everything from small worship services to concert level performances.

Installed with the help of Zack Guida of Glen Allen, Virginia-based RTW Media, the dLive systems were delivered to Regent University’s Virginia Beach, Virginia campus earlier this year and configured under the direction of the private Christian university’s chief audio engineer Justin Fugett. With seating for 970, the Regent Chapel, like the 712-seat theatre, plays host to a busy and eclectic year-round schedule.

“Upgrading with the dLive mixing systems has been a huge step forward for us,” Justin said. “We instantly expanded our network capabilities to include MADI, Dante, and Allen and Heath’s proprietary gigaACE formats, as well as Waves. Now we can share audio back and forth cleanly and without problems. In the past we always had clocking issues and needed converters. Today things are as simple as pressing a button regardless if I’m just sending a couple of channels or a full mix between our consoles.”

A pair of dLive S7000 control surfaces was chosen for each space, along with two separate DM64 MixRack processing cores. Using the Waves cards in each location, access is provided to MultiRack SoundGrid, a software host that lets system operators run multiple, simultaneous versions of Waves plug-ins.

“Each dLive Waves card is a 128 x 128 channel interface,” Justin explained. “Using the insert points found within each mixing system, we have quite a few options in terms of where we can place the Waves plug-ins at our disposal. Being able to move them all around per channel is handy, especially in combination with the flexible busses we’ve gained.”

Both of the dLive systems are additionally accessible via Regent’s own network. “That,” Justin added, “can be a real life-saver. With students sometimes at the helm, problems can arise. However, with dLive Director, a multi-platform editor and control software, I can securely log on to the university network, get into the dLive systems, and correct the situation from any remote location. That can save the day for a student and become a true real-time, on-the-job learning experience.”