All Pro Integrated Systems and Chauvet Professional Update East Lake United Methodist

Energy efficiency was top of mind for East Lake United Methodist when the church contacted All Pro Integrated Systems about adding LED lighting to its sanctuary. So too was the ability of stage lighting to contribute to a dynamic worship environment.  All Pro delivered both when it installed 12 Chauvet Professional Ovation E-260WW fixtures as part of a lighting/video upgrade.  But the warm white ellipsoidals also offered a third benefit that the church hadn’t thought of: flexibility.

“The Ovations were an easy choice for this project,” said  Jacob Warren, lighting technician at All Pro. “Aside from all the advantages that come from being LED, they also produce a bright even field of light.  This was very important to the church, but once we began the installation process, it was also the flexibility of the fixtures that made a really big difference.”

Jacob pointed out that limited access to the area above the ceiling grid created challenges when positioning the lighting fixtures. “The 12 Ovation E-260WW units were hung on three existing battens,” he said. “Six of these fixtures were placed on the center batten, which was 20’ long, and were used for key lighting. Then we put three Ovations on the house right batten and three on the house left batten for fill lighting. We were able to use the existing batten  positions, and  thereby get around the limited ceiling  access, because we could use different lens tubes  with the Ovations and also adjust their focus, intensity, and shutters to keep an even stage wash.”

The improved stage washing from the Ovation E-260WW fixtures, along with the richly colored backlighting resulting from the COLORado 1 Solo units that All Pro installed, have greatly enhanced the worship atmosphere at East Lake United Methodist.  “Stage lighting makes it easier for worshippers to see and follow the pastor and others on the stage,” said  Jacob. “The looks that are being created with the new fixtures, as well as the video system we installed, are also helping to engage younger worshippers by creating a more contemporary environment, which was one of the church’s goals.”

Balancing stage lighting with background lighting has also created a more camera-friendly stage for videoing services without detracting from the live experience, according to Jacob. “There were a lot of talented people involved in this project, helping us a achieve the balance between lighting for the camera and the live audience,” he said.  “All Pro would not have not been able to complete the project without the strong leadership of Jacob Robinson, our project manager. Mark Salamone, our project salesmen; Sarah Giles, the project designer; and the church’s main point of contact, Jonathan Hinton, were all instrumental. You always want to enhance the broadcast element of a church’s lighting, while at the same time preserving all of the dynamic looks for the people who are there worshipping,” he commented.

Helping to achieve this balance is the intense output of the Ovation E-260WW. “I never fail to be impressed by the brightness of this light,” said Jacob. “The church doesn’t even have to use the fixtures at full intensity. Everyone at East Lake United Methodist has been surprised by that. This project opened a lot of eyes to what kind of impact good LED lighting can have on a church.