Alcons Audio Brings Hi-Fi To China’s JX EDM LIVE Dance Clubs

JX Investment Group is one of China’s leading entertainment brands, with a range of chains throughout the country. It has recently launched JX EDM LIVE, new high class clubs where Alcons pro-ribbon audio systems ensure customers are enjoying the best dance music in fantastic quality.

JX EDM LIVE currently comprises two clubs, one in Yulin, Shaanxi Province and the other in Wúzhōu, Guangxi Province. Both are large venues, with a floor area of 640m2/6889ft2 and a height of 18m/59ft. Guangzhou-based EAD was asked by JX Investment Group to design audio systems that would deliver pure, driving low frequencies and clean highs seamlessly throughout the spaces.

“In China, the EDM club market is very competitive. They are using high-end speakers because customers want the best quality music experience,” said Locky Deng, marketing manager at Alcons Audio’s Chinese distributor EAD. “After tests with two other leading loudspeaker brands, they chose Alcons because the pro-ribbon technology met their demand for the best sound and coverage.”

For both venues, EAD project design engineer Mr Kanon chose an Alcons pro-ribbon system of eight LR28 large format three-way double 14” line-array modules, installed as L-R main clusters, with seven VR12 mid-size versatile 12” pro-ribbon monitors covering the space behind the LR28 arrays, as well as for DJ monitors.

15 BF362 high-output double 18” subwoofers are installed, four as a main central bass cluster at the DJ booth and the rest in a symmetrical arrangement throughout each club. A BQ211 compact high-output 21” quarter-wave subwoofer is also included in the main bass array.

The Alcons systems were installed by Guangzhou-based Donbn Audio and each one is powered and controlled by nine Sentinel10 amplified loudspeaker controllers. The system features Alcons SIS pre-wiring for system damping, reducing distortion even further and keeping the output quality of each element as consistent as possible.

“EDM needs clean ultra-low frequencies. Combining the LR28, VR12, BF362 and BQ211 in the systems perfectly reproduces the music in hi-fi quality at concert sound pressure levels,” says Mr Kanon. “The Alcons ALControl remote control software also makes setting up and monitoring the systems very straightforward.”

Mr Luo, VP of JX Investment Group, added: “Alcons pro-ribbon audio systems have overcome the difficulty of delivering consistent sound in large spaces, achieving HiFi quality at high sound pressure levels. They are very impressive.”

JX Investment Group is currently planning more JX EDM LIVE venues.