Adamson and Westbury Give Great Sound to The Great Hall

The Great Hall is one of the most eye-catching and iconic fixtures of Toronto’s vibrant Queen West area. Built in 1889 and designated as a Heritage Property in 1973, it stands as a longtime beacon for the city’s artistic and cultural communities.

With its age becoming increasingly apparent, this historic Victorian venue recently benefited from an interior and exterior revitalisation. Now, with the addition of Adamson PAs in both the 10,000-sq. ft. Main Hall and 5,000-sq. ft. Longboat Hall, The Great Hall is in prime position to host cultural, corporate, and private events for the diverse and dynamic community it serves.

“The goal was to provide something powerful enough to handle any and all potential applications, but also work with the space on a functional and aesthetic level,” shares Lina Beaudin, The Great Hall’s Director of Business Development.

The venue’s production team worked in concert with Adamson Systems Engineering of nearby Port Perry, ON and Toronto AV integration firm Westbury National to put together a package perfectly suited to the unique and adaptable needs of the two rooms.

“Westbury’s commitment to offering Adamson solutions for prestigious and high-profile installation projects gives us an incredible competitive advantage,” comments Westbury National VP Rob Sandolowich. “This is our first flagship installation since we joined the Adamson network and we couldn’t be happier with the performance of these premier Canadian products in a premier Canadian venue.”

The Main Hall boasts a left/right array configuration with six Adamson S10i line array elements per side and a pair of E219 subs under the stage handling the low end.

To properly cover the room’s main floor and balcony, much consideration was given to the fill layout. The idea was to offer plenty of control and flexibility for the upper and lower levels without ruining the tonal balance. A complement of six Adamson PC5i boxes hung under the balcony cover the front of the stage with one pair of Point 8Pis for front fills and another pair for balcony fills, providing a simple solution for corporate events, weddings, or other applications where the stage isn’t the focal point.

In the lower-level Longboat Hall, a multi-purpose space with a modular stage, the configuration challenges were compounded. That informed the decision to employ a more distributed point system primarily comprised of six Adamson Point 12As – one on each iron column supporting the balcony – with eight smaller 8Pi boxes covering the mezzanine and a pair of A218 subs under the stage.

“Having the opportunity to put a showcase system in a venue as renowned and versatile as The Great Hall was one we were happy to take advantage of,” adds Adamson Application Engineer Jeremiah Karni. “This is a really special venue that’s close to home for us and it’s a privilege to have played a part in its revitalisation.”