Absen Offers Corporate, Retail & Rental Staging Focused LED Webinar Series

This week will see the continuation of Absen’s series of webinars, with two sessions on Tuesday 21 April at respectively 9AM (Rental & Staging) and 1PM (Introduction to LED), one session dedicated to fixed installations (Corporate & Retail) on Wednesday 22 April at 9AM BST, and a two parts session (9AM and 1PM BST) on Thursday 23 April which will provide insights on Basic Technical Knowledge of LED Displays. More webinars will also be offered by Absen in the near future.

The inaugural session, which was held on Tuesday 7 April and focussed on Absen’s rental & staging products, had in excess of 350 registrations and over 200 attendees; 84% of whom rated it as being either ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.

The next rental & staging webinar, which will be hosted by Absen’s rental & staging industry director Christian Czimny, will take a more in-depth look at Absen’s key rental products from the inside out, as well as covering what to look out for when investing in LED. The session will also feature a Q&A portion at the end where attendees can have their product-specific questions answered; equipping them with all of the knowledge they will need when eventually returning to work.

The second webinar, hosted by Absen’s retail industry director Ben Phelps, will focus on the applications and benefits of LED displays for retail and corporate environments. This taster webinar is designed for system integrators and anyone else involved in the design, delivery, and support of LED systems, including architects and consultants interested in gaining a better understanding of the technology and its uses.

More specifically, the session will address the advantages and differentiators of LED displays, the benefits of using LED for digital signage, and how these apply to real world applications.