Zero 88 FLX S24 Console Delivers Intuitive and Nimble Lighting Control to LightsOn

Photo: Lukasz Brylski

LightsOn, a lighting design and rental company based in Warsaw, Poland, relies on an FLX S24 lighting console from Zero 88, a brand of Signify, to run a full schedule of spectacular event lighting.

LightsOn owner, Lukasz Brylski, and his team supply creative lightshows for bands, DJs, smaller concerts, cultural and corporate events, weddings, and parties, with a constantly busy schedule of three or four events per week. They are fully booked with shows and events for the rest of the year, as the industry recovers from the pandemic shut down. A typical lighting set up will feature around 20 fixtures, including moving lights and LED sources, all run on the Zero 88 FLX S24.

Lukasz likes many FLX S24 features, starting with its ease of use and logicality. “I can design and plan the show, then set up the console exactly as I like,” he stated. One of the many FLX S24 features he finds most helpful is the multi-touch interface, which means he can react immediately and spontaneously to the action happening onstage, matching it with appropriate lighting looks and effects.

Lukasz has found Zero 88’s prolific online training and tips videos “extremely helpful” in assisting the learning process and enabling him to maximize his new creative tool. “Good support is essential, and I think this content shows a great professional commitment by Zero 88,” he added.

Furthermore, he believes having the FLX S24 onboard has allowed him to be more creative in his work and, consequently, even grow his business. His crew also enjoys running shows with the console.

Before starting LightsOn, Lukasz worked as a technician and lighting programmer / operator for an events company and had used many other control consoles, none of which had met his expectations. He started LightsOn three years ago and spent a year scouting around for the best control desk for his requirements. Zero 88 was recommended by several industry colleagues and influencers including sales specialist LFX Agency, from which he purchased the console that has proved “a perfect solution.”

Lukasz concluded: “I love the job and I like being in control, so the FLX S24 gives me lots of opportunities for this and is one of the best investments I have made to date!”

Photo: Lukasz Brylski