With Outline, Pastor’s Message is Finally Heard at Korea’s largest Evangelical Holiness Church

Jeonju-Paul Church is the largest Evangelical Holiness Church in South Korea, with 1,500 seats and 15,000 members. Simultaneously with the new pastor’s inauguration service, the main loudspeaker system was completely replaced.

Outline’s Seoul-based distributor Hebsiba Multimedia opted to deploy a main rig with a L-C-R set-up. The Left and Right hangs each comprise 12 Outline Eidos 265 line array elements for mid-high frequency reproduction and a FlySub 15 enclosure to add bottom end punch. Four more Eidos 265s were deployed for the center channel.

Outline’s Eidos 265 was designed for applications ranging from live events to permanent installations. With its low weight (just 21 kg) and great size:performance ratio, it houses two 6.5” mid/low-frequency transducers and a high-frequency compression driver with a 2.5” diaphragm and 1.41” throat, loaded with a 100° (horizontal dispersion) waveguide.

A pair of Outline LAB 15 subwoofers is positioned on either side of the stage. Equipped with a single long-stroke 15-inch loudspeaker, the LAB 15 is a hybrid waveguide indirect radiation subwoofer system able to completely recover low frequency sound emission from the rear of its 15” woofer. It’s able to push out a continuous SPL of 134 dB @ 1m (140 dB peak) from 33Hz.

The set-up’s powerhouse comprises Outline’s T-Five amplifiers with on-board DSP. Each amplifier channel is capable of driving up to 4 Eidos 265 or up to two Flysubs. A number of Outline Vegas 10 and Vegas 12 point-source enclosures are used for stage monitoring. Hebsiba used Outline OpenArray 3D software for sound prediction, coverage and weight distribution calculations.

The Jeonju-Paul Church’s current pastor is Hyun-mo Shin and the church broadcasts YouTube online worship services simultaneously with offline worship that practices social distancing due to Covid-19.