Wireless Solution Invests in ADB

Wireless Solution Sweden announces that ADB Stage Lighting has joined W-DMX’s OEM family.

The company has recently debuted the KLEMANTIS, a new LED cyclorama light based on a six-colour module, with cutting-edge HCR, being able to deliver a wide selection of colours, from bold hues to pastel shades.

The unit also comes standard with a W-DMX module, that allows to wirelessly receive DMX data from a W-DMX transmitter. It includes an external 2dBi antenna in order to be able to achieve long-distances on 2.4 GHz.

“We are very excited to be able to work with ADB“, said Niclas Arvidsson, CEO for Wireless Solution. “The company is in great shape and developing some of the most pioneering products for theatre, it’s great they have chosen our company to supply Wireless DMX. Giving the users the possibility to wirelessly control their KELMANTIS fixtures opens up a lot of possibilities for designers to be very flexible with their lighting design, without having to consider data cables“.

The KLEMANTIS series had its television debut at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.