White Light and SFL Announce Strategic Partnership

White Light (WL) and audio visual production supplier SFL have announced their intention to launch a strategic partnership – one which will see both companies broaden their existing offering and allow customers to receive the highest standard of full service technical production.

The announcement of this strategic partnership is a natural progression for both WL and SFL. Both companies have long-standing reputations for delivering outstanding technical production, both share similar core values and both have a proven commitment to investing in the latest equipment and appointing expert staff. Similarly, both companies have grown significantly over the last few years and each had plans to continue this growth strategy by expanding the services it offered. These plans were naturally affected by the outbreak of Covid-19. Yet, rather than put them on hold, they have decided to choose a different approach and will continue this expansion together through the partnership.

WL’s Managing Director Bryan Raven comments: “At WL, the question we always ask ourselves is how can we provide the very best service possible for our customers? Therefore, when the opportunity arose to form a strategic partnership with SFL, we knew this was something we couldn’t turn down. Whereas WL has its heritage in lighting, SFL is one of the leaders in supplying audio and video solutions. They also have an exceptional scenery company which our own in-house Production team has used on many occasions. As such, we will now be able to combine our expert teams, unparalleled inventories and years of experience to offer our existing customers, as well as new clients, the very best in full service technical production. It’s an incredibly exciting step for both of us and one which we cannot wait to embark on”.

SFL’s Managing Director Tom Jeffery added: “We are delighted to be able to support WL in delivering full-service production. We know WL and the brilliant team there well and we know this will be a fantastic opportunity for both companies. Whilst both WL and SFL are industry leaders when it comes to offering technical solutions, the most important aspect for both companies is​ their people and that will continue. At SFL, we have always valued working closely with our customers and developing personal relationships in order to understand and deliver their vision. This is an ethos that is entirely shared by WL and something both companies will continue to offer as we move forward with this new chapter”.

Under the strategic partnership, both companies will continue to trade separately and keep their existing bases but will now share resources, in terms of both equipment and personnel, when delivering a full production service. They will work on corporate events, conferences, festivals, ceremonies, concerts and any other form of live entertainment, as well as supporting events which take place within WL’s approved and managed venues as well as other opportunities as they arise.

WL’s Technical Director Dave Isherwood added: “With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it can often be quite difficult making decisions that will have a huge impact on the future of a company. That said, this announcement is a long-term strategy for both WL and SFL as it will simply strengthen our existing offerings and allow our customers to receive a service they wouldn’t be able to anywhere else. More details about the partnership will be announced in the upcoming weeks as we begin to enter this incredibly exciting venture”.