Wharfedale Pro Introduces the DP-D Series Power Amplifiers

Wharfedale Pro has expanded their DP series of Class D digital amps with the announcement of new DP-D models. DP-4100D and DP-4150D.

These advanced 4-channel power amplifiers deliver enormous output power, up to 14.2kW, and are stable all the way down to 2Ω. This makes them perfect for multi-loudspeaker systems such as Wharfedale Pro’s own WLA-series line array.

DP-D series amplifiers feature powerful internal DSP which is accessible through either the front panel or through the supplied control software. The DSP control interface gives granular editing of EQ, Limiting, Delay, Phase and Filtering to the signal path, allowing a DP-D amp to become the system controller as well as the main power amplifier. This DSP removes the need for additional external signal processing.

Input connectivity is handled either by four discrete analogue XLR connectors on the rear panel or by the RS485 connectors on the front which accept AES3 digital inputs.

Housed in a 1U rack, the DP-D models are compact and lightweight, but still bring huge power with extremely detailed levels of DSP control.

Both models (DP-4100D and DP-4150D) feature the same user interface, channel count and DSP engine. The difference between the models is “simply” the output power.