Westa Kawagoe Centre Adopts NEXO-Yamaha Combination

A fully integrated and networked NEXO-Yamaha theatre sound system has been installed in a prestigious new arts and cultural centre in Kawagoe city, just an hour from Tokyo. The versatile system, under full digital control, has both fixed and portable elements and features GEO S12 and STM Series line array and Alpha and PS Series point-source loudspeaker systems, with Yamaha CL5 and QL1 digital consoles, installed by Yamaha Sound Systems Inc.

The Westa Kawagoe centre is a new multipurpose centre, located in Saitama Prefecture’s rapidly developing City of Culture. The Main Hall of the centre, with approximately 1,700 seats, is capable of supporting a range of different concerts, theatrical, and other performing art programs. In addition to this Main Hall, Westa Kawagoe is made up of lifelong learning and other such facilities operated by Kawagoe City and by Saitama Prefecture, as well as private sector facilities that also attract bustling crowds.

The main speaker system uses the NEXO GEO S12 system of line array speakers, flown on the sides and the Alpha system of Hi-Q point source speakers in the proscenium. The system is designed so that the side and proscenium speaker systems work independently to cover the entire hall. The side speakers, which are mainly used for musical reproduction and other entertainment applications, can also be housed in the proscenium arch.

Ordinarily, there are difficulties installing the audio system in a multipurpose hall of this kind, particularly the side speakers. The Westa Kawagoe, however, is equipped with mechanisms to raise and lower the arrays. This assures the optimal acoustic environment and realizes a system that can provide superior service with a higher level of clarity. Each system is driven by NXAMP4x4 amplifiers with built-in DSPs from NEXO.

NEXO’s flagship speakers, the STM series, were adopted for the movable stage speakers. These are the STM-M28 2-way full-range Omni Module speakers. The configuration includes an added STM-S118 sub module for the sub-bass range together with an STM-B112 bass module, enabling powerful sound output while having a compact appearance. The system is capable of supporting a wide range of events, including band concerts.

The main mixing console is a Yamaha CL5. The mixing consoles in the stage wings have another piece of Yamaha digital mixing equipment, the QL1 console. Dante audio networking was adopted for the control room, the amplifier rooms, and for sound transfer to and from the stage. Every piece of equipment is tied into the network, greatly simplifying the physical wiring layout, and this configuration also allows centralized management for monitoring and control of each piece of equipment in the audio control room, on the stage, and in the power amplifier rooms.

The CL5 at the main console position supports the same Centralogic control interface used in the M7CL, Yamaha’s standard model mixing console, to enable intuitive, smooth operation even with a digital mixer. The QL1 console, a close relative of the CL5 that has the same touch panel screen configuration, was installed in the stage wings, creating an environmental that is seamless in terms of the user interface, as well.