#WeMakeEvents Releases Compassionate Film for the Festive Season

#WeMakeEvents has launched the film The Show Can’t Go On in recognition of all events and creative arts people, and those who support and work in the industry to produce incredible experiences.

“At this time of year, we should be working hard and enjoying the best live events and entertainment in the world,” says Lead Producer of #WeMakeEvents, Gary White. “This is a season that can be challenging for many. It’s now made harder by the lack of work. We wanted to create a film that is heartfelt, to show our industry that, as an organisation, ‘we have your back’ and to remind the public that we still need support.”

Created by Sam Bradford at production company Praxima, the video reaches out to the public showing how many roles and talents have been affected this year, how many have had to find different jobs in order to support themselves and their families, and that there are still more who cannot find work and have no income.

“This has been a hard year for our industry, and I recognise that they are still fighting for a return to normality, to be able to do what they love,” says Bradford. “We wanted to create a touching and honest film that everyone can connect to.”

“As we know, it takes an extensive supply chain of businesses and freelancers to put on a show, exhibition, gig or event,” adds White. “With this now breaking down because of lack of financial support from the Government, when we do come back, the landscape may have drastically altered. These careers aren’t learned over night; they take time to craft and hone. People who work in this industry do it because they have a passion for their work.”

You can watch the film here.

#WeMakeEvents raises money for industry charity Backup. Backup’s remit has always been to help those in the technical entertainment sector facing financial hardship due to illness or injury. In response to the current crisis, it has been able to create a separate Hardship Fund which provides direct support and gives a percentage of the money raised by #WeMakeEvents to other charities including Acting for Others, Music Support, Stagehand and #MakeItBlue. Support can be applied for directly through www.wemakeevents.com/charity/

#WeMakeEvents has organised a number of fundraising initiatives throughout the year including producing a range of merchandise, joined forces for a Survival Tour bike challenge and with the forthcoming Silent Nights on 18th December. Artists have also jumped on board to support their crew with ‘Survival Sessions’ including Frank Turner, Amy Macdonald and Niall Horan who have collectively raised thousands to support crews facing hardship.

You can donate either by purchasing merchandise for Christmas here where donations will go to charity, or make a direct donation here.

Finally the #WeMakeEvents Speakeasy is open throughout Christmas. For talks, entertainment or just a chat, go to: https://www.wemakeevents.com/speakeasy/ and use the password: rat.a.tat.tat