VUE Upgrades Sonic Performance of Trondheim, Norway Venue

VUE Upgrades Sonic Performance of Trondheim, Norway Venue

The VUE al-8 compact line array was just commissioned as the house system for the 365-seat Lillesal stage at Olavshallen, Norway.

Avon, VUE’s exclusive distributor designed and installed the system to replace the prior system. Olavshallen’s technical manager, Henrik Torgersen, spearheaded the overall effort.

According to Avon’s co-founder Edgar Andraa Lien, VUE’s two-pronged reputation for world-class audio and rock-solid reliability were key reasons for Torgersen’s selection of the al-class line array system for the project.

Edgar explained: “After many demos and listening tests inside “Lillesal” and other VUE installs including “Dokkhuset” and “Verkstedhallen,” the client selected VUE and Avon as suppliers for this huge upgrade.”

For the 65×50 foot wide, 365-seat room, the new VUE system consists of two hangs of 8x al-8s, with 2x al-8SB flyable subwoofers per side, and 2x h-8s for front-fills. In one of the first installations of the recently released e-Class nano loudspeakers, 4x e-352s provided side-fill support, with an additional 2x e-352s as FOH monitors. 5x VUEDrive V6-d Systems Engines with custom presets provide sophisticated networked DSP and amplification for the entire system.

Henrik added: “We’re thrilled with such superb audio from such a superb system, thanks to VUE, our patrons and visiting acts alike will enjoy great sound for many, many years to come. Thanks to Edgar and his team for a top installation.”