Visitor Center immersive room relies on Modulo Pi’s media server in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, the Heritage Commission is responsible for preserving and advancing the Kingdom’s heritage sector.

As part of its mission, the Commission supports initiatives aimed at developing national heritage assets, raising awareness and interest around them, and preserving them for future generations.

In this context, the decision was made to enhance the visitor experience at the archaeological and heritage sites in Saudi Arabia by creating or renovating Visitor Centers. The Yanbu City, home of the largest port on the Red Sea and part of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities was chosen for the first Visitor Center.

Mohammed Al-Zeeny, Technical Director at Samaya Investment, explained: “The Al-Sur District in Yanbu was the pilot project of this plan which made its success critical”.

Specialising in the creation, production, and implementation of cultural projects, Samaya Investment was entrusted with the Visitor Experience’s immersive room.

A historic building was renovated and transformed to host the pilot project. The immersive room was designed to take visitors on a journey through the history of Al-Sur District, with a 180° projection of a movie combining live photography and 3D graphics.

To project on the walls and floor of the immersive area, six Epson video projectors were installed. These projectors are powered by one Modulo Player Pro media server by Modulo Pi.

Mohammed Al-Zeeny commented: “The media server equipped with six outputs was chosen due to its reliability, ease of use, and suitability for permanent installations.”

The Modulo Player media server is responsible for audio and video playback for the whole room, as well as soft edge blending for the walls.