Unilumin illuminates Guangzhou Yuehui City with stunning LED displays

China Guangzhou Yuehui City, the largest single shopping mall in the western part of the city, has undergone a remarkable transformation. With a gross floor area of 280,000 square meters, Yuehui City has invested a staggering 1 billion yuan to enhance its footfall.

Central to this transformation is a stunning 2,400-square-meter LED display supplied by Unilumin, a world-renowned LED display manufacturer. After 600 days of meticulous work, Yuehui City has emerged as a new retail icon in China Guangzhou.

The LED display at Yuehui City is a spectacle in itself. Externally, a thousand-square-meter LED grill screen dominates the facade, shaped like a butterfly in flight. This symbolizes the mall’s transformation, exuding boundless vitality and energy. As night falls, the butterfly screen comes to life with a dazzling display, drawing passersby into the mall’s allure.

Inside, the experience is equally impressive. A giant LED waterfall screen arcs over the mall’s atrium, surrounded by a series of circular ribbon screens. This creates a visually stunning effect that captivates and delights shoppers.

Elsewhere, the seamless integration of LED displays with greenery enhances the mall’s artistic ambience, making it a truly memorable shopping destination.

The Yuehui City project was one of the most challenging renovations in China. Unilumin faced tough construction conditions, tight deadlines, changing customer requirements, and various onsite contingencies. Despite these obstacles, the team delivered a stunning result that exceeded expectations.

Moreover, Unilumin’s UMEI studio provided 9 innovative video contents, ensuring a seamless visual experience for customers. Rounding out the service, Unilumin also provided 24/7 technical support, ensuring a seamless operation for the mall.

The success of Yuehui City is owed to the remarkable functionality of Unilumin’s products. On the exterior, the O series stands out as a superior LED grill. It effortlessly achieves a brightness range of 7500-10000nits while consuming less power, making it an ideal choice for such a massive project as Yuehui City.

Internally, the UpanelS series boasts an exceptional display effect. It automatically adjusts image quality to eliminate any display flaws and, with its high grey scale performance at low brightness, ensures vivid details in dimmer areas. This ensures a captivating and memorable experience for all visitors.

This landmark project is a testament to Unilumin’s expertise in providing integrated LED visual solutions. The company’s commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional service is evident in every detail of the Yuehui City renovation. As an LED applications pioneer, Unilumin continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, delivering captivating visual experiences that enhance people’s lives.