‘The Light of China’ Blooms at Dubai Expo with Help from YESTECH

On 1st October, 2020 Dubai Expo opened grandly in Dubai. This is the first World Expo held in the Middle East. A total of 192 countries participate in the exhibition and approximately 25 million visitors attend. In 2020, due to the official announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed for a year, and the official name of ‘Dubai Expo 2020’ was retained. It is reported that the China Pavilion is one of the largest exhibition pavilions in this World Expo. The architectural shape has profound meanings. It adopts the shape of Chinese lanterns and is named ‘Light of China’. YESTECH is fortunate to light up the China Pavilion and help the ‘Light of China’ bloom at Dubai Expo.

On the opening evening, the light show of the China Pavilion was presented to the audience in the form of green buds, snowflakes, earth and other shapes transformed by drones appearing above the China Pavilion. It told the Chinese story with rich visual language and a unique, ingenious lighingt and shadow effects.

Top visual effects

Combined with lighting matrix, LED video, architectural lighting, drones, etc., the China Pavilion brings an unparalleled light show, presenting stereoscopic and magnificent visual effects, leading the audience through the past and the present. Immerse yourself in the rich scenes of Dunhuang Feitian, Beijing Winter Olympics, and magnificent mountains and rivers, showing the image of a big country with a long history, economic development, cultural prosperity, and full of charm.

As the ‘Gateway Screens’ of the China Pavilion, every moment of the China Pavilion will be presented on these two screens, allowing the world to see the Chinese language in the ‘Belt and Road’ journey. YESTECH’s MG Series, which is with more than 30 product patents and rich experience in international competitions, light up the China Pavilion at the Dubai Expo. The total area is 120 sq metres, the contrast ratio is as high as 10,000:1, the display image is rich in colour, and the details are very delicate.

Star product

The highest temperature in Dubai can exceed 50℃, the average sunshine time is 13 hours, and the precipitation is zero for 6 months. The MG series, as a hard-core product, has been battle-tested and is very adaptable to the environment, the cabinet adopts patented polymer nano material, which has the feature of polymer’s toughness and metal’s sturdiness. At the same time, it adopts a thermal balance system to evenly disperse the heat of the LEDs and IC, and is not afraid of high temperature environments. To escort the display effect of the ‘Gateway Screen’ of the China Pavilion.

In addition, there is a pool in front of the screen, which places higher requirements on the moisture-proof ability of the screen. YESTECH’s MG series has IP65 protection performance, ensuring long-term stable and smooth operation in high-humidity and high-heat outdoor environments. During the six-month exhibition, let the people of the world see Chinese culture, Chinese style and Chinese power.

Perfect service

The project is tight in time and heavy in tasks. In order to ensure that the on-site effect is foolproof, YESTECH’s team and the visual effects team of China Pavilion had many discussions on lighting design, screen installation, heat dissipation and other issues, always adhering to the spirit of high standards and strict requirements, strict requirements on every detail of each order item and excellence. The on-site support staff of YESTECH set off for Dubai in June, and followed up and supported the whole process for four months, defying difficulties and obstacles, and successfully completed the visual effects guarantee work of the China Pavilion.

The MG Series obtained nearly 30 product patents. It has created many classic cases over the years such as the G20 summit in Japan, the World Cup in Brazil, the World Cup in Russia, the 33rd Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award etc, and has won unanimous global customers recognition.