The Future is Taking a New Shape with ADJ’s Focus Profile LED-Powered Moving Head

ADJ Lighting has introduced the new Focus Profile, a feature-packed automated profile luminaire powered by a potent 400W LED light engine. Taking its place as the new flagship model in ADJ’s extremely popular Focus Series of LED-powered moving heads, this new fixture is the brightest and most feature-rich fixture in the range to date. Offering the excellent build quality and value for money for which the series has become known and a versatile array of creative features, it is designed for theatrical, concert touring and event production applications.

At the heart of the Focus Profile is a powerful 400-Watt LED light engine, with a native colour temperature of 6,700K, which offers an impressive output of 20,000 Lumens and an equally impressive average life expectancy of 20,000 hours. After being manipulated by a variety of beam shaping tools, the light generated is focused through precision optics and a large front lens to create a punchy output with a CRI in excess of 70, which can be further increased to 87 using the included CRI filter.

The fixture’s exhaustive collection of beam-shaping tools begins with four rotating framing shutters, with shape rotation, which can be used to create custom shapes and to manipulate the light output for illuminating very specific areas on stage. Further manipulation of the output is provided by a motorized zoom function, which can be used to alter the beam angle between 7 and 45-degrees. An even narrower beam can then be achieved utilizing the motorized iris, with 16-bit fine control, which also offers automated pulsing effects.

The unit offers full CMY colour mixing, with 16-bit control, allowing Lighting Designers to select precisely the right colour for a given scene or look. In addition, variable CTO colour temperature control allows for white light illumination between 2700K and 6700K. The fixture also offers an additional colour wheel loaded with six dichroic filters comprised of four primaries (red, green, blue, yellow) together with CTB and CRI filters.

Two separate wheels feature seven interchangeable indexed-rotating GOBOs and eight static metal-stamped GOBOs, respectively, providing lots of variety both for aerial break-apart effects and surface texture projections. Changing the rotating GOBOs is a quick and easy process, allowing for the use of custom patterns or logos for specific installations, tours, or events. The unit also features an animation wheel, offering bi-directional variable speed rotation, which can be used to create dynamic projection effects.

The fixture offers a motorized focus feature that can be used to ensure GOBO projections are razor sharp or to deliberately blur out the beam to create soft-edged looks. In addition, the unit is supplied fitted with a medium frost filter that can be used to soften the edges of the beam even further. This filter is replaceable and can be easily switched for the supplied heavy frost filter to allow the fixture to serve as a wash light when required. Completing the Focus Profile’s repertoire of beam-shaping tools, the fixture also features two independent indexed rotating prisms: 3-facet circular and 6-facet linear.

A full colour reversible LCD menu display, with six corresponding push buttons, is located on the front panel of the fixture. It facilitates easy DMX addressing as well as customization of the fixture’s various operating parameters. The unit offers a choice of three DMX Channel Modes (36 / 40 / 51), with the simplified options still providing access to all of the fixture’s key features but without fine control over certain functions. The unit also boasts a USB service port, located on the front panel, which can be used to easily load future firmware updates.

Locking power input and thru connections are included on the rear panel, allowing the power supply for multiple fixtures to be connected to a single outlet. The rear of the unit is also home to both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX input and output sockets as well as RJ45 ethernet (Art-NET) input and output connections, making the fixture easy to integrate into any existing DMX system. In addition, it supports the RDM protocol which allows for remote DMX addressing and the feeding back of fixture operating status information to a compatible DMX control solution.

With measurements of 25.6” (651mm) by 15.7” (400mm) by 10.2” (260mm) [L by W by H] and a weight of 61.2 lbs. (27.75kg), the Focus Profile is a substantial fixture. However, for an automated light of this type and feature set, it is remarkably portable. Pan and tilt locks prevent unwanted movement of the head during transportation, while convenient side bar handles aid with lifting and rigging. Large rubber feet mean that the unit can be placed directly onto a stage or riser, while the supplied pair of omega brackets can be easily attached to allow for truss mounting.

“The Focus Profile is a significant step forward in the evolution of ADJ’s product range,” comments ADJ USA’s National Sales Manager, Alfred Gonzales. “Our customers have been asking for an LED-powered profile fixture for some time. However, instead of rushing a fixture to market, our R&D team have worked diligently to ensure the Focus Profile is the best profile luminaire in its class that can be found on the market today. It is without a doubt our most feature-packed fixture to date and has already generated a huge amount of interest and pre-orders. We can’t wait to get the fixture out to our customers and see the creative ways they utilize it for their shows, tours, installations and events.”

The Focus Profile is shipping now from both ADJ USA and ADJ Europe.