Technological Innovations Group to Represent Siliconcore Technology in EMEA

Technological Innovations Group (TIG) has announced a  strategic partnership with SiliconCore Technology.

The TIG partnership with SiliconCore Technology demonstrates its forward-thinking approach and commitment to future-proofing Smart Spaces.

The US headquartered innovator in fine pixel pitch LED display technology, SiliconCore, has continually reinvented the LED market. Its groundbreaking Common Cathode technology has resulted in its displays offering the highest brightness, lowest power consumption and coolest operating temperatures on the market. In addition, its latest technology innovation, LISA, now provides a durable surface on the displays without reducing the brightness or impacting image reproduction.

The partnership will now allow TIG to offer complete solutions for creating Smart Spaces, including LED displays, control and automation solutions, touch panels, distribution and monitoring solutions, AV furniture and collaboration and management software.

“As this exciting new partnership demonstrates, we’re fully committed to offering our customers the most advanced solutions available,” said Robin van Meeuwen, CEO of TIG.

“With already the best in AV/UC technology in the house, adding a brand such as SiliconCore makes our offering complete. We have been looking for a long time to add LED displays to our portfolio and with SiliconCore we feel we have found the perfect partner. Their vision of offering the highest quality and most energy efficient LED display technology, fits with the TIG vision of being the premium provider of AV and UC technology”.

With a close partnership and a network of over 2,500 integrators, 15 offices across the EMEA region and 270 staff, Technological Innovations Group is the most focused organisation in the industry.

Paul Brown, Vice President Sales UK at Silicon-Core Technology, commented: “The partnership between SiliconCore and TIG is a true testament to the future of the market. Although the global pandemic has had a detrimental impact on project installations, the partnership signifies a positive move towards a stronger future. SiliconCore consistently researches and develops its LED technology, driven to provide the most reliable and sustainable display technology on the market. By joining forces with TIG we’re able to widen our reach throughout the EMEA and help businesses to implement future-proofing solutions.”