Technical-ARTS Adds Impact To Atik Club With CHAUVET DJ

In addition to its world-renowned cultural offerings such as the Edinburgh Fringe and film festivals, Edinburgh has a growing reputation as one of the hottest nightlife spots in the UK. Promising to put the Scottish capital’s club scene firmly on the map once and for all is a new club called Atik, a late night clubbing experience offering an exclusive line up of DJs from around the globe.

To award the 1,300 capacity Atik with an equally formidable visual concept, Technical-ARTS was called upon to design and install a custom lighting rig, specifying a number of CHAUVET DJ Intimidator Spot 355, Intimidator Beam LED 350 and Intimidator Spot LED 250 fixtures.

Looking to create an atmosphere as varied and expressive as the venue’s DJ programme, the combination of Intimidator Spot and Beam fixtures gave Technical-ARTS the tools to create a number of impressive visuals within the club. “The brightness and colour intensity of the Intimidator Spot 355 and 250 combination forms the backbone of the club’s visual framework,” commented Technical-ARTS. “Thanks to the punchy 90W output and impressive gobo and prism effects, the selection transforms the dance floor with a myriad of vibrant patterns and looks for all manner of club nights.”

To provide a visual sparring partner for the Spots, Technical-ARTS specified a number of Intimidator Beam LED 350s to cut through the dance floor with lightning-fast movements to accentuate key moments within the various DJ sets. With features such as an 8-position colour wheel, a 5-position fixed gobo wheel and a 3-facet prism, the Beams create an ideal visual counterpoint to the Spots and award Atik with a genuine clubbing atmosphere.

With the Atik installation, Technical-ARTS has demonstrated the art of providing infinite looks on a tight budget. “The CHAUVET DJ Intimidator series enabled us to fulfil our visual concept on a minimal budget,” commented Technical-ARTS. “Furthermore, thanks to the low power draw and maintenance free LED light source of the fixtures, Atik can enjoy stress free visuals in support of their DJ programme for years to come.”