Symetrix Appoints MediasPro as Distributor Throughout Germany

Symetrix has announced the appointment of Eckersdorf-based MediasPro as their sole distributor throughout Germany.

“We are pleased to partner with one of the top audio DSP manufacturers. Symetrix´s renowned DSP technology complements our current products and will certainly increase our power of impact in the commercial integration market. Symetrix products are known for excellent audio and reliability which suits our current product portfolio and mode of operation,” said MediasPro CEO Joachim Schwarz.

For over 20 years, MediasPro has been a leading supplier of modern, highly intelligent audio systems and consistently provides excellent sales and technical support. Led by CEOs Joachim Schwarz and Michael Voessing, their expansive expertise ranges from paging and evacuation systems, room acoustics, conference solutions, processing and networking of control signals, to rack assembly, training courses and technical seminars, and research and development. They’ve excelled in providing high-quality products for the installation of sound systems for airports, stadiums, concert halls, manufacturing plants, schools, hotels, banks, and much more.

“I’m really pleased that Symetrix and MediasPro could partner together to deliver our award-winning products to Germany,” said Mark Graham, Symetrix CEO and owner. “The sophisticated German market and Symetrix’s technically intense solutions require a partner that is competent in both the technical and business operations arenas. I am confident that the well-managed MediasPro team is solidly positioned to help their customers succeed with Symetrix’s deep portfolio of AV and Control System solutions.”