Swedish Conference Studio Gets Digital Upgrade with Latest Absen MiniLED

Photo: Adapt

Located at the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, the Gothia Towers four-star hotel boasts 1,200 beautifully decorated rooms, its own art gallery, and an entertainment complex (The Theatre) that serves as both a restaurant and theatre in one. With an incredible reputation as a business and leisure venue – and its own dedicated conference floor – it was time for a digital upgrade to match the renowned reputation of the hotel.

The hotel’s management approached Swedish integrator, Adapt, to create an interactive conference room, which would be named ‘The Studio’.

“Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre Gothia Towers wanted to create a digital conference room with an easy-to-navigate interface that could be used for a variety of purposes,” said Viking Grandin, director of Adapt. “It needed to be a flexible system that could not only be a perfect environment for usual conference activity, like presentations, but also provide a hybrid meeting room, for those both in the room and digitally – which is especially important in today’s environment. It would also be able to be used as a streaming studio for recordings and live broadcasts.”

With this in mind, the Adapt team worked to create a conference room that could accommodate these requirements and have a simple, easy-to-use interface. They decided on equipping the 50m² room with a high-resolution 1.5mm, 180-degree panoramic LED display, and chose Absen’s latest MiniLED display, the A2715 Pro from the award-winning Acclaim series, for this purpose.

“Absen’s A2715 Pro was exactly what we needed for this installation,” said Viking. “High resolution was key to this installation, as people would not only be seeing it from up close while they are in the room, but also through streaming. The A2715 Pro delivers this, along with a robust design that assures the longevity of the LEDs.”

Released in 2017, the Acclaim series has become Absen’s flagship indoor LED display due to its incredible performance. The newly released Pro Series is Absen’s MiniLED version, designed for high-end corporate applications. Visually, the A27 boasts a 600-nit brightness, with an incredibly high contrast rate, and effective heat dissipation, made possible through Absen’s Common Cathode Technology. The robust nature of the product is down to its 4-in-1 pixel configuration, making it one of the strongest indoor LED options on the market. To further compliment the Absen screen, the room is equipped with powerful RGBW LED lighting, as well as audio equipment. All these features can be changed accordingly with the BLOCKS control interface, which handles the entire system.

“Part of the challenge was creating a system that could be controlled easily, and BLOCKS enables complete synchronisation of all the equipment. It essentially allows you to change everything at a touch of a button,” explained Viking. “Presentations can be built directly into the 180-degree screen and controlled from the touch pad.”

The end result was an impressive digital upgrade to Gothia Towers’ business floor: an adaptable conference room that can be controlled with ease.

“We were really pleased with the final outcome. Hybrid conference rooms are becoming more and more commonplace with more companies splitting work hours between home and the office, so the flexibility of The Studio is vital to its success,” said Viking. “The hard work of the team and the choice to use Absen’s A2715 Pro has created a perfect conference room for Gothia Towers.”