Sud de France Arena takes PROLIGHTS ArcPod 48Q

Designed by the firm A+ Architecture and opened to the public in September 2010, the Sud de France Arena in Montpellier is a large venue whose roof is supported by four beams with a span of 110 meters, pastel colours on the side’s façades and mauve purple on the underside of the impressive, cantilevered entrance.

The Sud de France Arena called on S-Group Equipment to redo the original lighting of the building’s entrance.

The protean structure of the surfaces and volumes to be illuminated required a compact but powerful projector, with different optical dispersion options, to cover the entire structure, both interior and exterior, evenly and uniformly.

In partnership with ESL, Christian REBATEL (S-Group Equipment) and Jean-Marc SEVENE (Sud de France Arena) selected 20 ArcPod 48Q from PROLIGHTS, for their Full RGBW LEDs, their IP66 protection, the numerous holographic filters, simple RDM configuration and their great luminous qualities.

After several series of in-situ tests and a complete study of illumination, the projectors were fitted with 40° symmetrical and 30 x 60° asymmetrical holographic filters, to map the entire surface uniformly.