Stouenborg to deliver world-class audio system for Avicii Arena

avicii arena

Danish integrator and consultancy firm Stouenborg has been selected as the installation partner entrusted with delivering the state-of-the-art electroacoustic sound system for the renowned Avicii Arena in Stockholm.

Formerly recognised as Globen, this architectural marvel held the title of the world’s largest spherical building at the time of its construction, and it now stands poised for a significant transformation, thanks to a major renovation project.

Under the guidance of Stockholm Globe Arena Fastigheter AB and the lead of general contractor NCC, Stouenborg will actively contribute to the comprehensive upgrade over the next 11 months.

The acoustic enhancement, meticulously designed by Efterklang, a part of AFRY, promises to elevate the architectural spatiality of the iconic venue.

In collaboration with NCC, Efterklang, and the expert Constellation team from Meyer Sound, Stouenborg will navigate the intricacies of the complex installation process, overcoming challenges to fine-tune the myriad speakers and microphones essential for the Avicii Arena’s auditory transformation.

“Once completed, the Avicii Arena will be equipped with a unique world-class electroacoustic system, distinct from most of those found elsewhere in the world,” said Anders Jørgensen, Project Manager at Stouenborg.