Stonex announced as key distributor for Hog 4 consoles in Spain

Stonex, ETC’s distributor for the Spanish market, announced the addition of the Hog 4 line of consoles to its portfolio. Stonex now provides the Hog 4-18, Full Boar 4, Road Hog 4-21, HedgeHog 4X, amongst the rest of ETC’s Hog 4 line.

Marketing & Commercial Director at Stonex, Paloma Expósito, commented: “One of the highlights of this collaboration is ETC’s ongoing commitment to improving Hog console technology. The entertainment industry is constantly undergoing significant transformation, with a growing demand for technologies that are not only efficient but also adaptable to the specific needs of each event.”

“The integration of ETC’s Hog 4 consoles into our portfolio is another step towards meeting the demands of the lighting industry,” Expósito continued.

ETC Regional Sales Manager, Konstantinos Vonofakidis, stated: “We are thrilled that our Hog 4 product line is distributed by Stonex in the Spanish market. Stonex has been a partner of ETC’s for several years and has achieved remarkable success in sales, as well as always providing an extremely high level of support for our users.”

“With their expertise and commitment to excellence, I am confident that the Hog 4 line of consoles will be extremely successful in the local market,” Vonofakidis concluded.