Steinigke Showtechnic Provides Protective Masks for Medical Professionals

The event technology wholesaler Steinigke Showtechnic used its logistics to support the medical services during the COVID-19 crisis. In April, the company organized thousands of medical protective masks for emergency organizations, old people’s homes and other medical facilities as well as all fire brigades in the city and district of Würzburg. The majority of the protective equipment procured in this way goes to The Johanniter with its planning staff in Würzburg, which is responsible for the whole of Bavaria.

The COVID-19 crisis has hit many companies hard – especially in the event industry. When events are cancelled and event locations are closed, orders are lost elsewhere: Dealers and wholesalers for event technology like Steinigke Showtechnic from Waldbüttelbrunn near Würzburg now have free capacities. At the same time, there is a need for personnel and organizational support in the so-called system-relevant fields.

In order to sensibly use all available capacities in this situation, Steinigke Showtechnic decided already in April to use the logistics and purchasing networks existing in the company: Thus, more than 150 000 medical protective masks were procured to support people in system-relevant occupational groups. The masks were purchased in China and arrived at the Waldbüttelbrunn location in mid-April. Steinigke Showtechnic paid for the entire logistics costs. The Johanniter planning staff took over the further distribution.

“Many employees at Steinigke Showtechnic are volunteers in their free time, e.g. at organizations like the Red Cross, the Johanniter, the fire brigade or the Caritas. It was therefore only natural and the desire within the company to use the possibilities of the job, such as working as a buyer, logistician or financial specialist for the good cause, i.e. to help the people who keep the system running”, said Matthias Schwab, Managing Director of Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH.

As long as the crisis persists, Steinigke Showtechnic will continue to support the rescue services, medical facilities and aid organizations with the available personnel and organizational resources – in the hope that this will also contribute to shortening and overcoming the crisis as quickly as possible.