Spanish Teatro de la Zarzuela counts on Ayrton Ghibli and Levante-S to sculpt light

The iconic theatre, Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid acquires Ayrton’s moving head LED spots to enhance the lighting of its space. The theatre has now eight Spot Ghibli and six Levante-S wash moving heads supplied by Stonex to improve the creative possibilities of the theatre plays and shows to come.

The renowned Ayrton Ghibli incorporates a precise system of blades that guarantee versatile focuses far beyond trimming. In addition, its LED luminaire can generate a wide range of tone palettes thanks to its CMYK colour mixing system, combined with a variable CTO and a complementary colour wheel.

As the Technical Director of La Zarzuela, Antonio López, points out: “[The Ghibli] are silent, their energy consumption is low and their light source is very high, with extremely precise positioning, slow and smooth movement”, and all features in a surprisingly compact body. Along with its variable zoom from 7° to 56°, there is a wide variety of gobos and an effects wheel that is already a hallmark of the French brand. The possibilities of the spotlights are completed by its variable prism, frost filters and iris diaphragm.

Thanks to all these technical advances, the Ayrton Ghibli premiered in the play “The Green Envelope” has been key to bringing the show closer to young audiences. Its illuminator, Juanjo Llorens, acknowledges that “the versatility of the Ghibli gives dynamism to the play because the viewer appreciates that something is always happening. Its quality relies on dimmer smoothness and precision. All these advances become very necessary as we get used to the latest technologies.”

Aiming to sculpt light rather than just design it, the Teatro de la Zarzuela has also been equipped with six Levante-S by Ayrton, a wash moving head with white light-regulated at 7000K. Great features without giving up a tight size and 300W low consumption. Antonio López emphasizes that “it produces ultra-high performance in terms of white light and is specially designed for stage applications due to its silence, which is so important for theatre plays. Let’s listen to the artists and not to the technology.”

Ayrton luminaires ease a more efficient technological transition
When professional moving head LED spots come into scenic spaces, it is possible to solve a wide variety of needs without needing heavy equipment, which improves the safety of the technical team by reducing the burden and complexity of their work. There is still a long way to sophisticate this luminaire, but as López points out, “these devices make it easier for the different light sources to coexist, in addition to facilitating the lighting of the different shows in shorter times. This is the right path, the future.”

Ayrton works to achieve ultra-efficient LED lights such as Levante-S, which offers great quality and precision with limited consumption. This reduces the operating costs of scenic spaces and improves the process of technological transition, without forgetting that the current energy efficiency aid provided by the Government discounts the LED-lighting installation.

The Technical Director of the Teatro de la Zarzuela highlights this point: “We plan to carry out the modernization of the technical infrastructures that allow us to expand and improve our stage and musical activities. With these improvements, we make our part to reduce as much as possible the ecological footprint and increase energy efficiency.” A commitment that goes hand in hand with the transition to LEDs to turn this ecologic will into a reality in theatres.