DMXking Ventures its Products to South Africa, and to be Distributed by DWR

DWR Distribution is delighted to be the South African distributor for DMXking. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, DMXking supplies high quality DMX512 interfaces.

Nick Britz of DWR Distribution commented: “We were looking for an Artnet solution that would be cost effective and suitable for our market. When we first came across DMXking we decided to bring a couple of units to South Africa to have a proper look. They are awesome units, well made, easy to use and capable of both Artnet and sACN. DMK King is pretty much plug and play out the box. Software is very intuitive, it’s really simple to do”.

In essence this means that users can expand their existing console outputs, it’s capable of doing Artnet out and in so they can use it as an input. It can merge Artnet so when someone is using two consoles and they want a back up, or they need a quick changeover, this is an ideal solution.