Sonic Days 2023

Sonic Days, which is held at the sound design education Sonic College in Kolding, has already established itself as Denmark’s largest and most important conference on sound.

This year, the conference will be held on 13th-14th September. Here Sonic College will present a conference program that leaves nothing to be desired: Over 60 presentations on sound and sound design, spread over two intense days in September.  

Industry professionals, experts, and students from every sound-related education program in Denmark are invited, and participation is completely free.

Attendees will leave the event having gained a wealth of new knowledge and information about sound, both on a deeply technical level and an artistic level. At the same time, it is a unique opportunity to network and mingle with professionals and colleagues from both domestic and international backgrounds.  

The conference is organised into different tracks, and within each track, there will be lectures and panel debates. The team has gathered a selection of knowledgeable and interesting individuals within their fields and divided them into the following tracks: 

  • Podcast  
  • Game audio  
  • Sound for Film & TV  
  • New Concert Formats  
  • Sound Art  
  • Sound in Museums  
  • Immersive Music  
  • General Audio 

Within each track, there will be up to 10 presentations spread out over the two intense days, ensuring a constant flow of high-level information. Attendees may follow a single track or pick from a broad range of topics. 

Tuborg Fondet has supported the conference due to the event’s general educational perspective and, among other things, with support to document and share all the knowledge that is made available at the conference.

This will take place in the form of video and podcast of some of the conference presentations, which will subsequently become publicly available.  

At Sonic Days, attendees can meet: 

Peter Albrechtsen  

Peter Albrechtsen is one of Denmark’s most renowned sound designers, working on both Danish and international films. He has been nominated for an Oscar multiple times, and at Sonic Days, Peter will discuss his sound design for the horror hit “Evil Dead Rise,” as well as participate in panel debates, including a debate on multichannel immersive sound. 

Morten Lindberg 

Morten Lindberg is a Norwegian producer and sound engineer with a remarkable track record, including 42 Grammy nominations. Morten is an expert in recording acoustic music, including classical, jazz, and pop.

He is particularly known for his own-developed recording technique using microphones set up in a way that gives the listener the experience of sitting in the middle of the orchestra, surrounded by immersive sound. Morten will talk about this technique and participate in debates on music production and mixing. 

Other names in the programme include: 

Game Audio

Paolo Armeo, Audio Director 34BigThings  

Adam Richie, sound designer and composer 

Mads Vadsholdt, sound designer and developer of “The Forest Quartet”  

Daniel Martin, Game Audio Denmark 

Mads Maretty Sønderup, Education Content Developer at Audio Kinetic 

Niels Böttcher, freelance sound designer for projects such as “LEGO Super Mario” 

Sound for Film & TV

Frank Kruse, sound designer on the Oscar-winning film “All Quiet on the Western Front”  

Thomas Perez-Pape, sound designer on Bedre Tider 


Ida Skjerk and Ida Skovsgaard, TV2 Podcast  

Marie Kildebæk, freelance sound designer and songwriter including the “Cold Front” podcast  

Jonas Johs, Freelance sound designer, including work for DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) 

New Concert Formats

Ianina Canalis, Immersive audio specialist – Meyer Sound  

Brad Ward, award-winning Broadway sound designer  

Lars Liliengren, Head of Production, Roskilde Festival 

Immersive Music  

Dyre Gormsen, Mix producer for Danish and international Dolby Atmos releases, including Arcade Fire  

Frank Grønbæk, Mix producer for Danish and international artists, including AQUA and Suspekt  

Thomas Lund, audio connoisseur at Genelec 

Eric Horstmann, Immersive music mixer at Immersive Lab 

Sound Art

Yann Coopier, Sound artist, whose works include immersive sound with 28 singers  

Morten Riis, Sound Artist 

Jonas Kirkegaard, interactive sound design 

Sound in Museums

Anders Jørgensen, Stouenborg. Advisor, developer, and installer at numerous museums  

Birgitte Folmann, researcher at Sonic College/UC Syd 

Alcina Cortez, NOVA University Lisbon 

John Scanlon, Sound Artist and Sr. Manager, Dolby Institute 

General Audio

Eddy Bøgh Brixen, audio expert in room acoustics and electroacoustics 

Aki Mäkivirta, R&D Director at Genelec