Solico Event & Expo Technics Transforms Volvo Showroom Into Event Space with CHAUVET Professional

Social distancing protocol has kept many of Volvo Van Kasteren’s customers from visiting the dealership’s new showroom on Grembergen Stone Road; but those who were fortunate to attended the facility’s grand opening celebration, held just weeks before the lockdown went into effect, still have vivid images of a memorable evening.

Taking place in mid-February, the two-day event, which introduced Volvo Personalized Service (VPS) concept to its market, dazzled with its lavish buffet, exciting entertainment and impressive display of the latest hybrid and electric vehicles, such as the XC40 and XC90, set against the background of a sleek glass and metal showroom.

Accenting the sights of the celebration was a lighting rig, brought in for the occasion by Solico Event & Expo Technics, that featured CHAUVET Professional WELL Fit and Rogue fixtures.

In keeping with the engineering tradition of Volvo, the temporary lighting system was the result of a carefully thought out design process. Thanks to this attention to detail, Solico was able to overcome the challenges of lighting an event in a space that was created to function as a retail environment.

“Highlighting the combination of cars without our light getting in the way required planning, because there were no hoist possibilities in this facility,” said Solico’s Davy Vandaele, who served as Project Manager. “This was something we have done before. That said, all mood lighting had to be placed correctly to illuminate the vehicles and the venue without distracting the guests during their visit. It was especially important for us to conceal the cables and rely on battery-operated fixtures when possible in order to keep the look clean.”

The Solico team positioned 60 battery powered WELL Fit fixtures throughout the dealership to accentuate the architectural features of the showroom and create even, visible sight lines across the entire space. “Uplighting was essential,” said Davy. “Because the ceiling was lower in certain places, lighting from the uplighters came into its own to make the room more visible without it being an overkill.”

Drawing on the color rendering capabilities of the RGBA WELL Fit units, the Solico team created a festive mood throughout the room with blue and orange washes. The 24 Rogue R2 Wash and 16 Rogue R1 Spot fixtures in the rig also added to the ambience.

In addition to contributing to the overall mood in the room, the wash and spot fixtures highlighted some of the cars on display. A pair or Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures were also brought to the event to provide dynamic looks in support of the DJ performance.

The versatile lighting display was part of a total look that Solico brought to the Volvo Van Kasteren event. “Our directive from the marketing manager was to create a Scandinavian look and feel,” said Davy. “By choosing the right lighting and the necessary programming, along with auxiliary materials, such as design stands that fit perfectly into the setting, we were able to transform a showroom into an engaging event space.”