Snowbird Lounge excites with a 1 SOUND audio system

Snowbird Restaurant & Lounge opened with the intent to introduce the popular and sultry cocktail longue scene to Frisco, Texas. Bespoke Technology Group was contracted to bring this after-dinner destination to life; leading to the integration of a 1 SOUND audio system.

Snowbird’s versatile events meant that the venue needed an audio system fit for dinner ambience, private events, all-day brunch events, and DJ sets.

Bespoke chose to go with 1 SOUND premium loudspeakers for this lounge to offer high-fidelity sound quality and sonic intelligibility but with the capacity to get louder for high-energy nights. This was accomplished by utilising the Cannon Coaxial Series.

The Cannons are known for their sonic quality and extended low-end, with the 6-inch coaxial version being capable of having a max SPL of 114 dB.

For the main bar and the upper level, Bespoke implemented Cannon C6i’s utilising C-Clamp accessories for mounting and aiming. The C6i’s were complimented by SUB12 reflex subwoofers, bringing the bass. Additionally, within the venue’s private VIP room, four Cannon C5i’s were deployed with no subwoofers. And finally, upgrading the outdoor patio, six Cannon C4’s were installed; 1 SOUND’s construction allows for all loudspeakers to be IP55 rated to withstand outdoor usage.

The installation was a great success, providing the venue with all the high-quality, clear audio it needs, thanks to their versatile 1 SOUND system. The venue owners are certainly feeling the positive impact of their new tech; Snowbird has now expanded its opening hours due to popularity.