Shure Launches New Tech Portal

Shure continues to focus on improving its customers’ experience and is now introducing the new Shure Tech Portal, an interactive technical resource library developed for systems integrators, dealers, audio engineers, service providers, consultants, and other professional and technically-minded users.

The Portal provides fast and direct access to complete product and technical information, document downloads, and resources to support the specification, design, deployment and operation of Shure products across all markets and applications.

The Shure Tech Portal is an intuitive, fully searchable online platform that offers professional users streamlined access to comprehensive Shure product information. With a complete document library for each product, key specifications, global SKU and variant information, software and firmware downloads, imagery, FAQs, and more, Tech Portal users can get all the information they need, all in one place. As soon as a new product is released, changed, or upgraded, the latest information is available in the Portal to be used for bids, training, and support. Users can find information for all Shure product categories and product lines, from microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, conferencing systems and DSPs, to earphones and headphones, and more.

In addition to sales and technical resource downloads for new, current, and discontinued Shure products and systems, the Portal allows users to create their own customised documents and export information directly from the Portal. It further features a product comparison tool, a software and firmware archive, and a handy contact form with contact information for all Shure sales and support office around the world. The Shure Tech Portal is available globally and supports English and selected international languages. It is mobile-friendly and can easily be accessed from an iPad or mobile device to support users out in the field or at project sites. Shure is also working to add more features and tools in the future, to provide additional functionality for its users.

“Our channel partners, integrators, and professional customers clearly expressed the need for a resource from Shure that would make it intuitive to quickly gather detailed specifications and supporting materials,” said Erik Vaveris, Vice President of Global Marketing at Shure. “In creating the new Tech Portal, we worked closely with these partners to ensure the site was organised in a way to deliver accurate and complete information that prioritised organisation and minimised distractions. We trust this new Portal will help our customers and partners in their essential day-to-day work.”

The Shure Tech Portal can now be accessed via prominent links on the Shure website or directly via Registration is required to use the Portal. For streamlined access, the Portal offers a Single Sign-On feature — users can create a Shure ID and utilise the same login for other Shure platforms, including Shure’s Service & Repair platform.