Shure Celebrates 91 Years As An Audio Electronics Leader

Dedicated to manufacturing microphones and audio electronics that inspire self-expression, Shure Incorporated begins its 91st year in business.

Shure’s history is one of innovation and excellence. Its robust audio products portfolio is designed for a wide variety of users, including musicians, audio engineers, broadcasters, podcasters, videographers, sound contractors, content creators, and music enthusiasts.

Several recent additions to the Shure product portfolio have set new standards for audio quality and performance.

In the personal listening category, the Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System features the first-ever single driver electrostatic Sound Isolating earphones matched to a USB amplifier. And, the SHA900 Portable Listening Amplifier is optimised for use with high-fidelity headphones and earphones.

In the wireless microphone category, Shure continues to provide users with new alternatives to the increasingly crowded UHF TV Band and has introduced ULX-D and QLX-D systems capable of operating in the VHF band.

The past year has brought additional changes to Shure. In November 2015, Shure announced the planned retirement of longtime President and CEO Sandy LaMantia; and it named EVP and COO Chris Schyvinck as his successor. And, in January 2016, the Company mourned the passing of its Chairman, Mrs. Rose L. Shure.

“I am proud and humbled to continue the legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Shure,” said Chris Schyvinck, President of Shure Incorporated. “Their shared vision, combined with the passion, expertise, and creativity of our Associates, has led us through 91 years of success. We will continue to provide professionals and consumers with more choices, greater freedom, and unsurpassed quality in sound reproduction.”