Shiloh Missionary Baptist Prepares For Renovation With EAW Redline

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, located in Atlanta, Georgia, recently added a new EAW Redline sound reinforcement system to their sanctuary. The church leaders, who are planning a complete sanctuary renovation in the next few years, were looking for an audio solution that would meet their immediate needs and could be re-purposed in the future. 

With that goal in mind, they contacted AEE Productions, also located in Atlanta, to assess the situation. 

“A high-quality, powerful, portable system like Redline provides powerful sound that doesn’t bottom out and provides the vocal clarity needed for a sanctuary,” explains Yergan Jones, president of AEE Productions. “Because it is portable and self-powered, it has versatility and the ability to be used in any number of applications the church might have in the future.” 

Jones ultimately recommended four RL12 loudspeakers and two RL18S subwoofers. The main system consists of two RL12s pole mounted on top of two RL18s, located to the left and right of the stage. The second pair of RL12s are used as monitors in the pit.

“The RL12s have tremendous vocal clarity,” adds Jones. “The RL18S subs really resonate the musical instruments. It’s a winning combination for the church, which will be extremely useful for years to come.”  

The RL12 offers perfectly consistent directivity via Beamwidth-Matched crossovers on 90 x 60 degree user-rotatable horns. Four aperture ports provide bass support with no turbulence while maximizing transducer-cooling air flow for rock-solid reliability.

The self-powered loudspeakers feature 1,250 watts of fanless Class-D, Power Factor Corrected amplification. EAW Focusing sonic processing delivers a clean, precise impulse response with the impact required by live sound applications. DynO processing maximizes headroom and sound quality at a high SPL. Three simple user-defined voicing options allow a variety of uses without need of a computer or external processor. 

The RL18S subwoofer is cardioid-ready via simple rear-panel controls, allowing end-users to achieve high levels of low-frequency control without need for complex processing or calculations.

“The church is quite happy with the new system,” concludes Jones. “The congregation noticed the improvement immediately. It’s the perfect fit for their needs.”