SGM Light A/S Joins Forces with Matrix

SGM Light A/S in partnership with Matrix

SGM Light A/S announces a new partnership with the Danish company Matrix that offers a variety of sound and light options.

With this new collaboration, SGM Light’s customers in Denmark will enjoy a new and improved sales and service structure along with easier access to SGM’s wide range of weatherproof fixtures.

SGM Light’s CEO, Peter Johansen explained: “With Matrix as our new distributor here in Denmark, our customers will experience easier access to SGM’s products, and in general get all the benefits of Matrix’s service package.”

Peter added: “Our day-to-day focus is definitely targeted the big export markets; however, we also want to accommodate our home market, which will now be able to enjoy SGM demonstrations on several occasions.

“We pride ourselves on developing what our customers don’t know they need. All products are made in-house, where our production is placed in one of the wings, which provides an incredible flexibility and adaptability.”

CEO of Matrix, Thomas Christensen said: “With the water and dust resistant products, SGM has a unique market placement, and we are thrilled to be able to add them to our product range. It is also an added bonus to be able to represent a brand that is both Danish and a technological frontrunner.”

This new collaboration has been underway for several years, and both partners are excited to finally announce a partnership.