Sennheiser to Present Vision to Shape the Future of Audio

Sennheiser will be presenting its vision to Shape the Future of Audio at Art Basel, the prestigious international series of art fairs. Recently announced as the “Official Audio Partner” of Art Basel by Sennheiser’s co-CEOs Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, the audio specialist invites visitors to step into new dimensions of sound.

Sennheiser’s vision will be brought to vivid life for the first time at the Hong Kong show (24-26 March, 2016). At Sennheiser’s Future Sound Cube, visitors can journey into the ultimate experience of sound, immersed in an innovative 3D audio world unlike anything they have encountered before – and get a rare chance to listen to the world’s best headphones, the new Sennheiser HE 1, successor to the legendary Orpheus. The audio specialist will also launch the Future Audio Artists Program to bring to life new works from some of the world’s most exciting sound artists.

“The vision to Shape the Future of Audio is in our company’s DNA, it is our mission,” said Daniel Sennheiser, co-CEO, Sennheiser. “Our culture of innovation has resulted in iconic, era-defining products. With the launch of the new Sennheiser HE 1 last year, we have created the best headphones in the world – the purest distillation of our knowledge and passion for the ultimate sound. This is our art. And like the greatest art, it places you in a unique space where emotion and inspiration are possible – it can’t be easily explained, but has to be experienced and felt. The idea to ‘Shape the Future of Audio’ is not about describing a concept for leadership in sound, but giving people the ability to experience sound as never before.”

The choice of the Art Basel shows in Hong Kong, Basel and Miami Beach as platforms for this vision is particularly significant, as Daniel explains: “Art has always been about pushing forward the status quo and redefining boundaries for the future. It changes our world and the way we perceive it. This is how Sennheiser defines leadership in audio – the creation of new possibilities and profound new ways of experiencing.”

“I am delighted that Sennheiser will partner with Art Basel to support artists in pushing their work forwards, by giving them access to advanced possibilities for creating audio work.” said Marc Spiegler, Art Basel’s Global Director. “It will be exciting to watch their future experiments in art and technology.”