SeeSound new AUDAC distributor in Portugal

AUDAC has announced a partnership with SeeSound as the new distributor of their innovative audio solutions in continental Portugal. SeeSound will be standing in for the sales, distribution and service of the complete AUDAC product line-up.

SeeSound is a wholesaler specialized in the import and distribution of audiovisual products in both installed as live environments. As the current AUDAC distributor in Spain for many years now, the company has already gathered much experience with the AUDAC brand. SeeSound will start as a non-exclusive distributor but will have exclusive status from the 15th of March onwards.

“I always had the hope and expectation of being able to work closely with this excellent brand. AUDAC is a brand that is like those restaurants where you eat with quality, diversity, in the right quantity and at the right price, that’s why we always return there” said Seesound’s Portugal Area Manager.

AUDAC’s International Sales Executive, Vitor Perez, is also pleased with the new partnership. “We at AUDAC are always looking for ways to innovate and grow further as a business, as well as being in close proximity to where our customers are. The fruitful relationship we have built over the years with SeeSound taught us that they were the ideal candidate to take up distribution in continental Portugal.”